Commercial Refrigeration Services

Your customers experience seamless service. And Ragin' Air LLC is here to ensure that you experience the same level of ease behind the scenes! We deliver commercial refrigeration solutions to the foodservice industry.

Complete Commercial Refrigeration

Every customer is unique. And whether you manage a fast-food chain, a cafeteria, or an ice cream parlor, Ragin Air is here to help. We deliver complete air conditioning installation and repair in Lafayette, LA, including:

  • Walk-in freezers
  • Walk-in refrigerators
  • Toppings Coolers
  • Stand-up freezers
  • Stand-up refrigerators
Every business in the food service industry is unique, and it's our job to find a refrigeration solution that suits the special needs of your location. With custom consultation and complete solutions, you can always count on the best in installation and refrigeration repair in Lafayette, LA.

Advancing the Food Service Industry

Refrigeration is a critical part of your business. So why should you ever settle for a solution that falls short of "exceptional?" Our team delivers. We offer clients a suite of commercial refrigeration services that will keep you moving. Count on:

  • Advanced solutions: We only source products from the best manufacturers in the industry, so you can feel confident that you're getting a superior refrigeration solution.
  • Expert technicians: Ragin air specializes in refrigeration installation and repair, and we're proud to set a high standard of success for every service.
  • Ongoing service: Whether you need an installation or a repair, you can always count on an efficient and quality-driven solution from our team.
  • Convenience: Our goal is to get you the solution you need without putting your business on hold. That's why we schedule off-hours and deliver efficient service.
The food service industry is always in the fast lane, and our team is here to keep you moving. Tools to create a seamless customer experience matter. With Ragin Air, it's simple to invest in the industry's commercial refrigeration services in Lafayette, LA.